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The percentage of permanent biological damage detected by the coroner is nothing but the percentage of reduction of the psychophysical integrity for which one is entitled to compensation for damage from personal injury. From the best Lawyers you can now find the perfect choices. If you were injured, check out Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers P.C. They provide a free consultation to all clients and are a top law firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Compensation For Minor Personal Injury

A person who is beaten has the right to obtain compensation for damages for personal injury. He who strikes another person commits the crime foreseen and punished by article 581 of the penal code which under the heading ” Beatings ” reads ” whichever strikes someone, if the fact does not result in an illness in the body or mind, is punished, to the offended person, with imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of up to three hundred and nine euros. From the Personal injury lawyers you can find the best choices here.

This provision does not apply when the law considers violence as a constitutive element or as an aggravating circumstance of another crime.” In this case the law firm works perfectly.

Therefore, the injured person has the right to compensation for damages for personal injuries suffered as a result of the beatings. The offended person has the right to compensation for personal injury by way of biological damage for reduction of psycho-physical integrity if he suffers “a disease in the body or mind” otherwise in the case of the crime of beatings, which consists in beating someone, provided that by if an illness does not arise in the body or in the mind,  the injured person, beaten, has the right to compensation for personal injuries for the beatings suffered as it has suffered the injury of physical integrity in the broad sense. From the law firms now you can get all the supports.

What Attention You Should Give

Attention that in the event that the beatings cause an illness in the body or in the mind, it will no longer be the crime of beatings but that of the most serious of personal injuries foreseen and punished by article 582 of the Criminal Code. The best attorney can take care of you in every possible manner.

  • To obtain compensation for personal injury damage in the event of a beat, the offended person must demonstrate that the person who struck it committed the offense with intent or with conscience and will. The crime of beatings belongs to the category of crimes against the person.

The victim of the crime of beatings has the right to compensation for personal injury damage when she undergoes any act that gives her a painful sensation. From the best attorneys you will be having the smartest solution in this case.

The victim of beatings can ask for compensation for personal injury damages for the moral damage suffered, if not for biological damage, also the person offended by several episodes of beatings linked together can for example ask for damages for personal injuries if not for beatings for private violence. The use of the legal steps is essential now.

  • Being beaten even if it does not cause permanent biological damage can instill in the attacked / damaged a feeling of fear and / or physical and psychic suffering that produces moral damage for which you are entitled to compensation for the damage for personal injury suffered for the beatings which does not correspond to permanent biological damage but to another type of non-pecuniary damage which is moral damage; or the beatings suffered by the injured who is a subject with authority in a sociological context cause damage to the image and reputation, even if they do not cause biological damage (think of a professor who receives a slap from a pupil), damages for which the injured party is entitled to compensation for damage from personal injury for the beatings suffered. A personal lawyer is the most important factor here.

In order to obtain damages for the personal injuries suffered, the injured victim of the beatings must however file a complaint for the beatings suffered within 90 days of the event and attempt to document the damage from the beatings suffered by asking an expert lawyer to assess the existence of the conditions. to file a claim for damages from personal injury suffered from beatings. You can go for the lawyer near me search and come up with the options there.

Compensation For Harm For Personal Injury

It is clear that he who causes other personal injuries to others all the more if they are painful, is obliged to pay damages as well as to the penalties of restriction of liberty. The combined provisions of articles 582 and 583 of the penal code subdivide the painful personal injuries, also for the purpose of compensation, into: very light painful personal injuries, if the disease does not exceed 20 days prognosis; painful personal injury, disease curable between 21 and 40 days, serious painful personal injury: prognosis greater than 40 days; serious personal injury, certainly or probably irremediable consequences.

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